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Ken Green Introduces the Tapestry Initiative

Ken Green Introduces The Tapestry Initiative

Death is the great unifying event in life that includes all people in a common reality. The simple truth, that most of us fear death and would rather not talk or think about it, points to a collective shadow that is rich with potential for transformation.

What are the consequences of remaining in denial of this inevitability for individuals, culture and nature during this evolutionary shift?

What are the benefits of looking nakedly into loss and death as a natural part of life and the cycle of creation?

Can we recognize the potential for embracing life and each other with more compassion, appreciation, creativity and wonder in times of chaos and change?

The Tapestry Initiative, as a transformational media company, recognizes that we are part of a web life that is always in flux. Our intention as social artists and spiritual practitioners is to share the stories and wisdom of people who are working directly with death, change and transformation in various ordinary and extraordinary ways.

The work of transforming a fear of death into an appreciation for life does not have to wait until the time of an actual terminal illness. Death will come without warning for each of us, and paradoxically, living with this truth can unleash the magic that lies within every moment of our precious lives.

The Fourth Moment

We are living in tumultuous and catastrophic times. Many traditions speak of a millennium shift, a transition from an ending to a new beginning, from death to rebirth. Perhaps we are seeing the harbinger of a planetary spring. In any case clearly this is a challenging time, a time that calls for a greater wakefulness, understanding and kindness. It is this very challenge that has shaped the intention of the filmmakers to produce THE FOURTH MOMENT, a journey from the known to unknown.

THE FOURTH MOMENT — a feature film in development — is an innovative blend of fiction and documentary about a man confronting loss, change, death and discovering the possibilities of transformation and awakening.


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